Leicester, Leicestershire, UK

With six high-chairs and a black rectangular dining table, this stunning L-shaped modular outdoor kitchen underneath a renovated converted barn area has been placed to form a great outdoor dining area.

This kitchen package comes equipped with the essential items needed to create the ultimate outdoor cooking area. The six burners in the BBQ give you endless cooking possibilities, along with its large cooking space to provide great versatility. This makes it the perfect family BBQ.

As well being able to cook, the owner of this outdoor kitchen can carry out other tasks with the use of their double fridge and sink. With the fridge, they are able to keep their drinks nice and cool in the run up to their next BBQ party and deliver great temperature control (0 – 10 degrees).

With the ability to run on a hot and cold tap, the sink unit serves as an excellent way to wash your hands, prepare food and drinks, and clean up barbecue tools and other cooking accessories.