Draco Grills 6 Burner BBQ Modular Outdoor Kitchen with Sear Station, Sink and Fridge Unit


With the luxurious Draco Grills 6 Burner BBQ Modular Outdoor Kitchen with Sear Station, Sink and Fridge Unit, you can entertain family & friends in style.

The grill is made up of a double-skinned stainless-steel hood, stainless-steel tubular burners, and a solid galvanised frame. This stainless-steel gas barbecue is ideal for those who want a grill that is both attractive and functional in their garden.

Paired with the Draco Grills Sear Station, which can be used as a side burner for sauces and stir fries as well as a sear station for perfectly searing steaks.

This kit also includes the Draco Grills Sink & Fridge Unit, which is made of brush finished stainless-steel and has a granite work surface.

Please Note:Without the granite side panels, the kit’s sides would be made of stainless-steel. You can add them as an extra by choosing them from the drop-down menu. Also excluded from the set is a BBQ griddle, which is offered as an additional.


Barbecue Features:


  • Stainless-steel hood (double-skinned)
  • 430 commercial grade stainless-steel
  • Six burners made of tubular stainless-steel
  • Stainless-steel fascia panel
  • Infra-red back burner
  • LED lights
  • Side shelves that can be folded down
  • Cooking grills made of stainless-steel
  • Double drawer roller system
  • 1 cupboard and 2 drawers underneath BBQ
  • Hidden locking caster wheels
  • Cooking Area:43 x 97cm
  • Total Heat Output: 90,000 BTU (12,500 BTU per main burner, 15,000 BTU for rear burner, so 12,500 x 6 + 15,000 = 90,000 BTU)


Sink & Fridge Features:


  • Ipx4 rating and designed for outdoor use
  • 430 commercial grade stainless-steel
  • 40mm thickness of insultation
  • Fridge Temperature Range:0 – 10 degrees
  • Designed and test for use in high temperature environments
  • Insulated double-glazed doors with 304 grade steel frames that are condensation-free
  • Frost-prevention and temperature-maintenance technology
  • A thermostat with digital temperature adjustments
  • Robust handles
  • Fridge:1 year limited warranty
  • Sink: 2 year limited warranty


Sear Station Features:


  • 430 commercial grade stainless-steel
  • Stainless-steel grills for cooking
  • 1 cupboard
  • Hidden locking caster wheels
  • Total Heat Output:13,300 BTU
  • 5 year limited warranty




  • Height:154cm
  • Width:5cm
  • Depth:5cm (excluding hood and controls which protrude)